Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Interview at Gucci

Back from interview and decided to buy icecream, craving for it... I grab all the icecream I craving for at the mamashop coz of the recent same crave, to save me trips. I decided to get alot of them. HAHAH Slowly eat. Trap myself at home. :P

Relax Labour day :))

How did u spent ur labour day??

For me, I got up early with Baby and went swimming :))

If u think so ur wrong!!! Coz we had KFC porridge for breakfast and handmade noodle for lunch and western for dinner + 臭豆腐(smelly beancurd)


Compass point KFC look so different, BUT the mall nothing nice to shop :((
Baby Knows my like and dislike, he auto help me pick out all the think I dun like in the porridge. Aww so sweet hor? >.<

After the swim, All makeup, contact lens on!!
Off for LUNCH :DD

Pic of the day!!! Baby so cute sia.

After Lunch off to visit Baby's Mum, got this cute mini bites cookies from venting machine. Cute packaging but not very nice. :S

...A simple day with my love one, make the day beautiful and everyday is a day with love
*Hugs & Kisses

Short Day, EXPANDED!!!

All prepared to go out to meet erjie for some shopping and lunch in town. Shopped at H&M again coz sis wanna check out the new collection too. Headed to taka for lunch, the japanese set meal is good!! We both love the rice wif beans and chestnut alot. HAHHA So unique and nice texture. U should try it too :))

Erjie and her Bento... :DD

Ans: Dessert after meals. HAHAH
Muacks!! ("))))< 

My NEW heels from MNG...
Sexy rite? I know.
Like got the cha cha feel. HAHAH @.@

After mini shopping and lunch with Erjie, Off to meet Baby boy. :DD Miss him lots lots thou we always meet. Jialat le lo.... HAHAHHA Muackz!

*Love in the air...

Dunno wat to eat, head over to bugis for light dinner. The basement offer alot of nice food and there is this mixed vege stall and malay food stall I recommend. Coz I tempted by their food and smell. HHAHA :)) Hungry... *Bite air

I dun eat dinner coz of the late lunch so I went to Bencoolen to get the gui ling gao I loved at bugis. Heex. So traditional and well-known among alot of ppl. Fed Baby coz he too busy playing his phone, ignoring me. Hmmph!!! Bought one back for Baby's dad.

The shop!!!

After which we head over to douby to buy rocher tauhuay for supper after over nite movie but we are too full to eat, end up eating the tauhuay the following day. HAHHA So much food sia. Munchy munchy munchy... How to diet???

While movie in AMK cathay, sudden blackout screen, damn the mood of watching The Avengers. The recover process was good. Everyone got a small popcorn. Baby and I both got one. But I too full to eat coz we got nachos set in the first place. This Baby grow fatter le la.... He finished both popcorn!!! OMG!!!! @.@

Lucky they able to resume the movie, if not we will only get vouchers and will not get to get a good seat to watch it another day. It's a very very popular movie currently....

Do u know the movie tix for cathay has increase??? Hmm I think abt $11-$12 for weekend movie. Damn!!! So exp le sia... Good think Baby has his passion card. We only paid $9.50 for our eve-PH tix. HAHAHA :)) #sosmart

Sunday, April 29, 2012


GOING FOR AVENGERS LATER, HURRAY to sneak preview movie...
*Tix abit more expensive thou... Heex


Oooh... Ended a boring call with Baby, thou he sleep le. Msg him no reply. Who knows he call me when he suddenly awake. Guess I'm missed and he scared I bored and angry. Aww....

Had abit of a mood swing I guess. Easy irritated and Baby tio bull-eye. Eeeew!!!~ Poor kid. Ask me why I so emo, so angry, so sian and moody... He believe there must be a reason and keep asking me why. I know he concern but I believe there are times, when gals can get moody for no reason at all and jus super sensitive. Well I jus did.

Jus when Baby is about to end call and turn in coz I'm cranky. My throat get harden alitte coz I feel bad about being so cranky but nothing I can do to control or give a reason. I thought it would be nice to jus end the call and relax abit. If I continue making conversation, probably I will jus tear and I would be able to give reason again -.-

Sorrie Baby.
I'll make sure tml will be better okie?

Love you <3

9th Month Continue... :))

Start my day in the afternoon ard 2.30pm. HAHAH Coz I woke up too early :(( Wanna replenish my beauty sleep. *Yawn. Head over to Junction8 for mac coz I crave the new spicy nuggets. Now I know, the food at J8's mac sucks. Ewww... Not up to standard de.

Fries - Cold & over fried
Drinks - Dulited & no ice, not cold at all.
Service - Sucks

T^T Waste my time...

Grumpy over the bad food standards we had :((

Played some capsules minitures... Got one of myself and one for Dajie :))

Dating at BOTANIC GARDEN!!! :))
My first time here thou... HAHAH Suku rite? I know luh... But I got no one to come with me ma. Now I got a good Baby Boyfriend to accompany me, we'll go 天涯海角together :DD
Got alot of cool, cute pictures below :)) <3

We are attracted by this souvenir machine, able to make us a pendent thingy... So cool. Damage coz is $2. HAHAHA :/  of Nice experience ok lo. Worth!!! #Jusforfun

Walking around and we saw a lake with abt 4 swans in it. HAHAH Pretty amazing coz we dun expect to see swans here. Probably only in zoo ba... But the swan here have whiter fur compare to those in zoo. No wonder people say, swan like to be pretty. And Metaphor goes, as white as a swan, as fair as a swan. HAHAH I think so... :P

My Darling Baby is so amazed by it and keep snapping, He from complaining tired to continuous walking. Awww... Wat a kid. #He'smine

Hungry Baby munching on chips

Pretty shelter, I love it... But got big fat red ants...
#friendlyants coz they dun bite or anything as long as you dun disturb it.

Mine look less emo, Baby is giggling away @.@

So american road side feel... HAHAHHA #Ithought

Act like one...

Erm... Baby, Pose means nice, NOT weird...

OK... Actually I went there for tis tree!!! HAHHA
The one tat alot of drama will see de.
I even climb the tree. So slippery! BUT very clean and stable.

Look High? Erm... Baby on the cruve only leh... HAHAHA
I shoot from angle. I think he is only less then 1 meter above ground.

Me so brave, I climb to tree high high... HAHA
Not bad hor. Abt, 1.5-1.7meter above ground. HAHAH
I dun come often, so jus try lo.


Dinner at lucky plaza, level four, a corner shop selling ayam penyet. I like the grilled chicken better coz is drumstick. The meet is more tender. :)) LOVED!!!

Walked ard to chill and digest, exercise abit.
Baby bought me a new accessory. I like it alot. Heex.

U feel the doting love?
I DID :))