Saturday, January 8, 2011

Working for SINGTEL~

Fly high, fly high!~ :P

Been working for singtel this few days. Giving out flyers at the open house events. Whee.... Legs so tiring sia. Tsk tsk! Hmm... Nothing much leh.

Day one: Went JP wif FT after work and then shopped around. I was looking for potential clothings for my CNY spree. :P I was working and waiting pay then I will shop all day. HAHHA BIG PLANS ;) *wink

Day two: HOMED... DAMN tired. I slept from 5-8pm tsktsk and woke up dine. BACK to my marketing project work. Hee...

Day three: Today! Short working hrs and went LOT1 wif FT to collect her sis stuff. Then Shopped at Cotton-On, looking at all the sales items. I like the nitty... Thinking should I buy like 5 sets and wear them every nite to sleep... COMFY!!!~ :D

I need more work, I wan more time, I wan to acheive more then now. BUT I'm still who I am and the world is still wat it is now... HAHAH tsktsk :P

On the way to work...

Cheers!!! We are ALWAYS late. But we always give the most. HAHAH

I LOVE NERDS!!! *Candy, not type of people HAHAH

NEW fren. Vanessa Hee, a teenage mag model. Check out the NOV 2010 prom pics.

Shiny!!!~ :))
--------------------------------------BERLINA LOVE---------------------------------------

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