Monday, April 25, 2011

YEa!!! Painting at the door... HELOO~

Today first day of sch... LATE!!!

Head over to koufu for youmian and off to buy notes. OMG!! So many notes and damn heavy :(( After lesson accompany Glenys to shop at lot1 for awhile and went home.

I was so tired and shag. I had a good nap after dinner. Wake up in time for.......... MY PAINTING TO ARRIVE!!!~ :D I was waiting for it the whole day lor. Heex!!! I really hates it when I din get to receive my 'deliver to door' package. U know the kind of feeling? Waiting... And when it came. U jus ran to the door wif excitement :D Yea!!! Thats wat I feel :))

I wanna show u below wats in the package and wat U wan see :))

Unexpectedly I got tis effect when I took tis pic :D

Contains: The painting, the instruction, warranty for 1yr

The TAI-Q-BIN Delivery...


On my wall :P

*Got to use a ugly hook coz my house rule... Cannot anyhow nail the wall :'(

---------------------------------------BERLINA LOVE-------------------------------------

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