Sunday, April 24, 2011

IN SHORT: Work- Zen Visit- Town we go~

Woah~ Sorrie for the lack of updates man... :((

I'm been busy over the weekends and I'm still busy NOW.. Coz I haven't touch on the final report for my IPP Plus i'm only 4days from my deadline... GG I have at least 1,200 WORDS to come up wif and I really hope they mean characters like ABCs and not WORDS like I miss you or something... :(( SAVE ME!!!~

Ok... U-turn!!! Back to my post for today. To celebrate my hard work over then weekends at united square as a mascot assistance, handling kids and having 3hrs work + 3hrs break time... I BOUGHT MYSELF A... *Drummmmm ROLLLLLLL 'VERA WANG PERFUME' HAHAHA.... Well there is a roadshow at taka.. I was there after work considering to get a GUESS speede... but then in the get I got something more worthy. A perfume is wat I need :P I considered quite some time. Heex.. Wasn't cheap to me so needa think twice. HAHA :P

But i'm still happy for my loot. :DD

My pics are flooded in my cam!!!
*I tell myself: Ok! Jus flood everything on my blog and my cam will be empty. HAHA :P

Prove u wif evidence below:

OTW to work

My working roadshow event... LALALAL

All chubby and lovable kids... I LOVE BABIES!!! <3 Muacks!

Babies crawling competition...

*Mini tracks...

I walk ard wif the mascot and give out balloonsss....

Kids rush to me rather than the mascot, COZ I got wat they wans.. BALLOONS!!!~ :P

When ZEN reach!! She placed herself at the food junction and study while waiting for me to end work... How nice! Come all the way down after work and go town wif me >.< Love ya. Muacks!!! :D

OMG!! Zen's spect is nerdy!!! <3

Do I remind u of puffer fish? -.-

Clear the hair at my side, still looks ok huh... *Heng ah (lucky)

Town we go~

Dinner time!!! Japanese food for jus... $14 in total :D

Satisfying huh? ;)

I LOVE TUNA fish!!!

Fav soba... Love the soup!!!

*Glenys no. ONE intro... One day soba after sch plsss.... :P

Bused home!

My new baby perfume!!! Vera Wang... <3

----------------------------------BERLINA LOVE----------------------------------

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