Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When the 2hrs of break came knocking...

Recently job keep knocking on my doors but sorrie la. I waiting for another hee... There is so much. for $6-$10/hr... mascot assistant to promoter for pfizer. hmm...

Okok back to TODAY~

Wooo.... Today is a 3 hrs lesson wif a 2hrs break... Very weird timing but damn slack.

After lecture i went over to south canteen wif vivien and meisuan. I had different lunch partner today coz glenys was late and not coming any earlier for lunch in sch. She has other plans. Oh well~

The south canteen malay food cheap but not nice sia :( I love my north malay food :D I recommend everyone to try the malay food at the north canteen of nyp HAHA *OMG!!! Now that I recommended u all then I wonder how long I have to queue for the food sia. Can help me buy since I recommended u? ;) Heex :P

Then after lunch and bubble tea... off for serious stuff, camwhore!!! NO LAHX!.. Well maybe a bit. We head over to the lab and get our IPP feedbacks done and off to tutorial. The last lesson of the day :D HAHA Nothing much today... Studies ARE boring period isn't? HAHA :P

Effect not bad neh~

MX complain my eyes too big -.-

I look stiff... Haiz I dun wan be in middle anymore. Hmmph!!!

Woo... Sister neh huh? ;)

OMG oh is me... :P

My bangs are so naughty today... Tsktsk!~

-----------------------------------BERLINA LOVE------------------------------------

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